News and Announcements

2019 Fall registration is open for 10U and below. Please use the following link to register your player.

MEETING Saturday March 9th at 10:00 AM at Atoka Community Center.

Spring registration is now open for U10 and below players (birthyears of 2009 - 2016)

We will be offering an academy progrom for players U10 and younger. 


What it requires for us to make a team.

Prior to Oklahoma Recreational League deadline:

1. Players that are registered and paid in the system so we can make a roster.

(In order to make a team we want a minimal of number of field players required + 2 subs. Using club player pass and secondary roster options we can work around this if we have less, but it is not optimal.  Player numbers are

  • U6/U8 - 4 (No Keeper) - In-House Open Format
  • U10 - 7 including Keeper - Traveling Teams 
  • U12 - 9 including Keeper - Traveling Teams 
  • U14/U16/U19 - 11 including Keeper - Traveling Teams
  • U19 (7v7) - 7 including Keeper - Traveling teams 
  *Traveling Teams play in Oklahoma Recreational League and are dependent on registered teams within the state.

2. A coach with an approved background check 


 Volunteers Please!

We are in a real need for more volunteers, especially coaches.  This is a recreational league and a few select folks can not coach every team, especially while making sure you have a league to play.  We must have volunteers willing to step up and help the program.  If you are interested in being a Coach, Team Manager, Concessions, or assisting with field maintenance please contact Anthony Wilson at 972-816-3243.

For anyone currently part of our club, thank you!   All volunteer background checks expired June 30th.  For returning coaches or new coaches please review information under the coaches tab under the left navigation tab and also make sure you have completed a new background check.  You can not be on the roster for any team until you have an approved background check.  Background checks are quick and easy, so please update yours today. 



Also, e-mail is the official method of communication outside of this website.  It is impossible for us to keep up current phone lists, text lists, and in some cases e-mail address when they are constantly being changed.  We want to communicate with our group.  We need your correct information so we can maintain information flowing to you.   We are constantly asked to update information using this app, or not to use this medium, or my favorite "I don't use that."  Currently we have this website, and e-mail, we can not keep up with: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text, E-mail, Web, Paper, Phone calls, Postal Mail, fliers.  We may use any of these as an additional method of communication but checking here or your e-mail that is on file with our organization is the best way to keep up with the latest. 


More information will be added often so please come back to look for updates!


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2019 Challenger British Soccer Camp

Posted by Anthony Wilson at Mar 12, 2019 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

 Challenger British Soccer Camps

 June 3-7, 2019 Atoka Sports Complex




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OSA Traveling Rec Schedules

U12 and up will be playing through ORL this season.  Use the following links for the latest schedules.

Remember when travelling to verify with your coach any potential updates or modifications from the following posted schedules.  Also make sure to follow the OSA guidelines and local club rules/policies that can be referenced at the following link:   ORL Policies


You can also find further details about OSA's ORL and OSA, our parent organization at the following links:

           OSA  - Oklahoma Soccer Association                             ORL- Oklahoma Recreational Leagues


NOTE:  Schedule links have been updated.  Please verify your schedules here. Always verify online in the event of game changes.


U12 Girls will be playing through ORL 2019 Spring West Constitution

             ORL Rec/Select West Spring 2019 Master Schedule

               U12 Girls      --    Full Schedule      Team Only


U16 Boys will be playing in the ORL 2019 Spring East Division A 

            ORL Rec/Select East Spring 2019 Master Schedule

              U16 Boys   --    Full Schedule       Team Only 


U19 Boys will be playing in the ORL 2019 Spring West U19 7v7 

                                    U19 7v7 Policies 

           ORL Rec/Select West Spring 2019 Master Schedule

             U19 (7v7) Boys   --    Full Schedule       Team Only  




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ACSC 2018 Fall Registration

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Fall registration is here. Follow the link posted here to register your player for the Fall season.

NOTE: A valid copy of the players Birth Certificate is required for all players, new or returning.

If you have any questions about registration please contact Anthony Wilson at 972-816-3243

Registration Fees:

  • Little Kickers (3 year olds) - $35
  • U5 - U19  (4 to 16 years) - $60